StreetPin at the Whitgift Centre

3, 2, 1… D’oh

StreetPin at the Whitgift Centre The startup world is a roller-coaster ride of highs and lows – elation and frustration often go hand-in-hand as the precious hours of the day tick by. Here at StreetPin, we’re no strangers to ‘nearly there’ and the occasional ‘D’oh’ but we fully intend to keep getting out there, meeting our potential future customers and fine tuning the service to ensure that when we are given a clean bill of health, the demonstrations can progress in earnest.

Bugs: 2, StreetPin: 1

We’ve had a couple of Croydon events recently, where we don the StreetPin colours and meet/present to the people of Croydon in various guises. The first of which was the Tech City Roadshow (@TCRoadshow), where we set up shop next to 9 other startups in the Whitgift Centre for a show-and-tell of technology and creativity. As I set up my banner, splayed my leaflets, readied the lap top and the iPad, I caught my breath and looked at my neighbouring stands. My static banner was looking pretty flimsy next to a 10ft wide, interactive movie wall featuring Will Smith and the 3D scanning machine knocking out realistic plaster casts of the fascinated shoppers. Mental note to self: Go Big or Go Home. It was far from a competitive arena however, and was a pleasure sharing the startled shoppers with such fine startups and small businesses. The issues came when the updates and fixes (which were receiving band aids as I set up the stall), started to come away at the seams. I am a huge advocate of testing, testing, testing, but also in the startup world there has to be an element of ‘fly by the seat of your pants’ in order not to miss an opportunity. We were also somewhat scuppered at the Croydon Heritage Festival, with our presentation in Matthew’s Yard. You may remember an evening when Germany were playing a game of football or something and we were treated to some absolutely sheet rain from about 5pm. This, together with other talks in the grand Fairfield halls and alike meant I was very grateful not to be spending time catching up with┬ámy shadow. Those of you who made it down are real superstars, thank you! I like to think of the event as ‘cosy’.

Tomorrow’s a new day

We’re nearly there now and the beta demos will be coming out thick and fast as of next week – fingers crossed, with a good wind. If you would like to check out the before and after, you can see the Croydon Tech City demo, which will get a bit of TLC in the responsive areas (so to speak). As ever, if you have any thoughts or feedback please get in touch