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Croydon – the most connected town in the UK

Croydon - the UK's most connected town


StreetPin’s immediate plans include a beta launch, where we will be testing the concept with some willing (and fantastic) Croydon guinea pigs in June ’14. In tandem, we’ll be launching our Crowd Funding site to invite investment for our launch build and campaign – ‘Croydon, the most connected town in the UK’.

During our proof of concept trials, we initiated the UKs most connected village’ in Green Street Green, Orpington.  This was supported by Jo Johnson MP and we now aim to scale up to the ‘UK’s most connected town’ in Croydon.

We will be producing a blue print for town roll outs across the UK. This will include community training, awareness, local apprentices and jobs and will actively involve Business Improvement Districts (BIDs) and town initiatives nationwide.

Tim Buick, CEO, gave a presentation about the digital High Street at Croydon Tech City in October ’13 – see Jonny Rose interviewing Tim. Since then we have met some really great supporters, including Croydon Council, Croydon Tech City, Croydon Chamber of Commerce, All about Croydon, Lives not Knives etc. Croydon, London’s biggest borough, is a diverse and sometimes troubled land, but one with absolutely huge potential. We are aiming to prove how StreetPin can break down barriers between communities and help address the negative perception that Croydon is struggling to shrug off. We feel a real affinity to Croydon’s businesses and communities, and Tim is a regular fixture at networking and neighbourhood events.

Our goals:

  • Provide a network of instant, interactive, digital pin boards for retailers, churches, schools, events, markets… and make them accessible on mobile, web, tablets and apps
  • Help Croydon’s local businesses to promote themselves to those here & now
  • Combat ‘the Amazon effect’ where home shopping has contributed to 14% vacancy rates in high streets
  • Point-and-click deal creation – bringing mobile marketing to the masses
  • Make it simple and affordable for everyone to benefit from digital solutions, by utilising StreetPin to drive offline sales, in Croydon’s streets
  • Break down barriers and encourage interaction between communities in Croydon
  • Aggregate data and other business content to produce relevant, local hubs – this could include your latest news and messaging
  • To create jobs in Croydon

How can you help us?

Firstly, why not sign up for our beta? Your feedback is invaluable!

Have a business/organisation in Croydon? Your support will go a long way in helping us to generate credibility and engagement with the various communities in Croydon – it’s always tough for a startup to get their foot in the door

  • Can you offer introductions to the diverse and amazing communities in Croydon – leisure, sports, retail, hospitality, markets, residential, offices etc – everyone that makes Croydon?
  • Are you able to blog/Tweet about StreetPin during our fund raising and launch stages?
  • We’d love to give interviews to share our goals with your community

How can we help you?

In return for your invaluable, initial support at launch we are able to offer you:

  • Limitless, FREE pin boards for your Croydon community or business for year 1 and subsequent discounts
  • On-going support to create and maintain your pin board(s)
  • Promotion of your brand and community through StreetPin and associated press
  • A network of contacts right on your doorstep
  • A more approachable and interactive neighbourhood around you
  • Ability to message and advertise specific communities in your area

Come and meet us:

We are planning our beta (trial) launch at Tech City Roadshow in Croydon’s Whitgift centre on the 29th May

We’ll also be talking at the Croydon Heritage Festival on the 30th June at Matthew’s Yard