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Introducing locally connected, live Pinboards

Our online Pinboards are a throwback to the age of the local community Pinboard, where local businesses shared their promotions, people bought and sold items, and where you could find details of upcoming events such as bake sales, fairs and fetes, and even dance, yoga and Zumba classes!


Pinboards work great on their own and better together, connected to a local Hub. Never before have communities and businesses been able to collaborate like this.

Streetpin is a network of local community Pinboards

We’ve made setting up a Pinboard easy, even for non-technical people, so everyone can engage those in the ‘here and now’ who are most ready to see offers and to shop local. Any shop, business, park, event, etc., can have a Pinboard. It makes you easily discoverable by your local community, turning local people into customers. Retailers can quickly and simply produce instant promotions throughout the day: e.g. a florist can discount the last few bunches of roses at 2pm to avoid costly disposals at the end of the day. All offers and community chats are automatically shared to the Live Local Directories, providing a town showcase and a one-stop shop for local deals and for community engagement.

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