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Introducing StreetPin

StreetPin aims to bring local people together, via a common location, interest and time. It’s a digital platform, but the magic happens when communities come together in real life. We’re here to facilitate the discovery, awareness, know-how and opportunities. Join our network of community Pinboards (mini-websites), to discover the unique local chats and deals making your town better than the sum of its parts.

About us

The StreetPin team are coming from a place of enlightenment - we’ve seen the future and the world can be a much better place if we come together as communities. Well, not really, but we’ve spent years reaching and validating the theory. We aim to remove barriers to communities, retailers, residents, services and businesses from being able to interact with location and interests in common, all in the ‘here and now’.

We have also strived to make digital solutions available for everyone, even my dad! Tech know-how shouldn’t be a reason not to do something and we’ll hold your hand all the way until you can reach your goals - from creating and maintaining your communities, to being a digital marketing extraordinaire. Or perhaps you are content with just being plugged in to the local community discussions, discovering events and picking up the latest deal from the cafe on your way home?

We want to ensure you can join a community for a minute or a lifetime

The vision

StreetPin is The Local Community Marketplace for independent businesses and services to instantly interact with surrounding communities.

It’s simple and effective via our collaborative, networked websites, helping anyone get online and start making the most of digital marketing.

Who is it for...?

For shoppers…

Communities can search for products or services: ‘can anyone recommend a plumber?’, or ‘where can I get an umbrella?’ when you’re suddenly caught in the rain. You’ll also find promotions and offers not available anywhere else. Instead of seeing a generic offer for trainers, or the standard, never-changing ‘10% off’ - you’ll see ‘50% off my last few loaves’, or ‘Free taster step class, staring at 7pm tonight!’.

For businesses…

We’re looking to provide an ecosystem which supports local businesses. Create instant promotions and target local audiences - it’s as simple as sending a tweet.

Think all this digital stuff is too complex? StreetPin is designed with you in mind - apart from the (hopefully) intuitive format, we provide a how-to section and if you still don’t feel equipped for your day, contact us at and we’ll get right back to you.

For the High Street...

Bring back the sense of belonging and community, using digital as a facilitator for real world experiences. If you look after a High Street and are interested in giving your retailers, shoppers, residents and workers the tools that they need to collaborate, drop us a note on

For the community minded…

Run a sports team? School or college club need a bit of organising and awareness? Have something that you think your neighbours would want to get involved in? Create FREE Pinboards right where you are - ‘Dave’s football team’, can set up a mini website (Pinboard) at the park, in a minute, becoming instantly part of the community

To bring this all together, we collate info from local Pinboards to form the first local, real-time directories, full of relevant instant deals and conversations.

How we equip your organisation for success

Subscribe to our annual package and get your Welcome pack

Your online tools are here to help you:

  • Get discovered locally
  • Create instant offers and target local customers
  • Collaborate with other organisations
  • Turn your customers in to your community

To supplement all the online goodness, subscription brings a few joys through the post too:

  • Your window sticker to alert passers-by that you are 'On board'
  • A customer-focused, mini instruction stand-up for your till area


If you have any specific queries, try the 'How to' section, if you're still not clear - drop us a note on - it does what it says on the tin.

It’s been a long time coming...

If you’ve been a superstar and tested some of our earlier versions, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you. We’ve worked on a shoestring budget for some of these early versions and your feedback has been integral to the evolution of your tool today.

We’re not done now, by the way, StreetPin will continuously evolve, based on feedback from the most important people of all (you know we’re talking about you, right)?

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Big love

The StreetPin team

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