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10 years ago, it was enough to have a presence on the High Street and shoppers would find you. Shoppers and their needs are rapidly changing - retailers need to keep up, or face the inevitable consequences.

Streetpin is the ‘network of local, social websites’ (Pinboards). Each is designed for digital inclusion of non-technical users, or experts to utilise the 'here and now'. Any shop, business, park… can have an open, discoverable site, ready to turn customers in to communities. We supply stand alone websites, which are enhanced by collaborating with other Pinboards and can be aggregated into Live Local Directories.

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Streetpin for groups

It's never been more important to be part of a tribe!

Business groups

For many home-workers, sole traders, small businesses and startups - the co-working space, networking group or common-interest organisation is the central hub of business and support. Let’s make that mothership really work for your members!

Teams, groups, congregations, societies…

If there’s a common theme or driving necessity bringing you together, then Streetpin offers the ideal hub for collaboration. Chats, events and promotions from satellite stores, venues or locations can be pulled together in a single showcase!

Did you know that 60% of the UK business population is made up of sole traders and SMEs account for 99.9% of the business population and 60% of the employment?

Networking, collaboration and co-working is only going to get bigger!

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Events, markets, popups – instant integration

Short-term Pinboards:

  • Single or multi-location events
  • Unique collaborative showcase
  • Reach audiences before, during and after the event
  • Accept sponsorship to monetise even free events
  • Value-add for events selling exhibitor/stall space
  • Add to your town network and their promotions instantly appear on the live directory


  • Fairfield Halls: Business Live Expo sponsor Oct ‘19
  • 17 business sites with posts and promotions
  • All content aggregated on the Event Live Directory - made accessible for visitors and fellow exhibitors

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